'Dufan Defender' Tries to Dominate Indonesian Market

Jakarta, Indonesia, NTD News - Ancol Dreamlight in Jakarta put on a live show of Indonesia's original animation, 'Dufan Defender', as a part of the efforts to popularize the film among Indonesians. The 30-minute performance combined action scenes played by the film's characters, dance, as well as animated episodes played on a big screen.

Dufan Defender debuted in March 2012 and was broadcast on local television as the first Indonesian animated film to be released in "high definition" format.

The film tells of the adventures of Dufan, and his comrades who joined "The Earth Defender" against "The Destroyer" criminals who wanted to destroy the earth's natural resources.

[Budi Karya Sumadi, Dufan Defender Team]:
"We feel our native story characters have still not become popular in our country, so we animated characters like Dufan ourselves, then we made the film with those characters, so that children say, 'this is Dufan'; 'I like Dufan'; or 'I want to meet Dufan'; so that this Indonesian animated character can be loved by Indonesian children."

90 percent of the animations currently broadcast on Indonesian television are overseas films, according to a local media survey, Indonesian animations are left out of local television broadcasts as they are considered less popular.

But the Dufan Defender team are optimistic they can dominate the local market.

Dufan Defender also created in English, ready to export to Vietnam, where one television station has agreed to broadcast the animated film.


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